Saturday, June 22, 2013

Book Club - Chapter 6 Class Yes

To start at the beginning of this book club with me:

The assignment for The Book Study for chapter 6 was to come up with 10-15 new variations of Class Yes, WBT's attention getter.  Here is a list of my favorites from the participants of the book club:

  • Class Meow, Yes Meow (reminds me of Super Troopers!!)
  • Class a doobie do, Yes a doobie do (think of The Temptations)
  • Woo hoo Class, Woo hoo Yes
  • Boom chicka Class, Boom chicka Yes (reminds me of a camp song!)
  • Aloha Class, Aloha Yes
  • La Class-eh, La Yes-eh
  • Woop woop Class, Woop woop Yes (Arsenio Hall style!)
  • Heeeeeey Classy Cla-ass, Heeeey Yessy Ye-ess (Gangam-style)
  • Choo choo Class, Choo choo Yes (while pulling an imaginary train whistle)
  • Classerific, Yesserific
  • Yo Class, Yo Yes (I actually have a book in my room called Yo Yes!)
  • Class a doodle do, Yes a doodle do
  • Class-a-saurus, Yes-a-saurus
  • Oh sweet Classity Class, Oh sweet Yessity Yes
  • Can I get a Class Class, Can I get a Yes Yes
  • When I say Class you say Yes, Class, Yes, Class, Yes (like a rapper)
  • Class Class Class, Yes Yes Yes (like the Bye Bye Bye song by N'Sync)
  • Surf's up Class, Surf's up Yes
  • Yee haw Class, Yee haw Yes
  • Ho Ho Ho Class, Ho Ho Ho Yes (Christmas-time)
  • Arrrrrggg Class, Arrrrrggg Yes (Pirate style)
  • Class Class Class, Yes Yes Yes (change pitch: low, high, low)
  • Class uh-huh, Yes uh-huh
  • Yahoo Class, Yahoo Yes
  • Party rockin' Class, Party rockin' Yes
  • Bada Boom Class, Bada Boom Yes
  • Class *jazz hands*, Yes *jazz hands*
  • Oh oh oh Class, oh oh oh Yes (sounds like a monkey)

Here are mine (some of them are not that great! I was running out of ideas!)

  • Yo ho Cla-ass, Yo ho Ye-es
  • Classers, Yessers
  • Clurrrs, Yurrrs
  • L-E-T-S G-O Let's Go Class, L-E-T-S G-O Let's Go Yes
  • Cla - pause - ss, Ye - pause - ss
  • Class Be-bop, Yes Be-bop
  • Howdy-ho Class, Howdy-ho Yes
  • Cliss Class, Yis Yes
  • Class oink, Yes oink
  • Class neigh, Yes neigh
  • Class uno dos tres, Yes uno dos tres (Spanish)
  • Class ekahi elua ekolu, Yes ekahi elua ekolu (Hawaiian)
  • Class isa dalawa tatlo, Yes isa dalawa tatlo (Tagalog-Filipino)
  • Class ichi ni san, Yes ichi ni san (Japanese)
What are some of your favorite ways to switch up Class Yes?  Please share with us in the comments!


  1. So fun! Love these. I say "abra" my students say "cadabra".

  2. One of my favorites that I found in blogland last summer was "mac & cheese---everybody freeze"

    Success in Second Grade

  3. My kiddos get Spanish twice a week so we do, Clase, clase.... Si, si.

  4. I've done "La classe" "Oui!" (French) and I'm a big fan of "classity class class" - "Yessity yes yes!" and "Class (clap pattern)" "Yes (same clap pattern)"

  5. I have just started including WBT in my blog this month. I started using WBT about halfway through the year last year and plan on starting with it day 1 this year! I LOVE your blog, and just linked to this post on my "Class Yes" post!

    Teacher Will Run for Books.