Saturday, March 15, 2014

Super Improver Wall Update

Back in December, I told you all about my new Super Improver Wall.  I met with each kids and made academic and behavioral goals for each.  I wrote them down on a clipboard and would ask them at the end of each day if they were closer to their goals.  If yes, they got a sticker.  If no, they didn't.  In my mind, this sounded like a good idea.  The kids loved the new board and I loved meeting with each and adding goals to their data binders.  However, I didn't love how they earned stickers.  I like to read part of a chapter book at the end of the day.  It makes for a calm dismissal and clean up instead of some kids cleaning and some running around the room because they are done.  So, I stopped handing out stickers.  For about a month.  And the kids kept asking "when do we get to earn stickers again?"

After chatting with some of my other Hawaii blogger buddies who use WBT (Tonya and Angelia), I got the idea of a sticker book.  The pages in the book match the levels on our board.  I can hand out stickers whenever they are on task, following directions, or even if they get a great score on a spelling test, or make progress in reading or math groups.  I like that it is flexible and can be immediate reinforcement of behavior or skills.

I made my sticker books with cardstock covers and backs, and white paper in the middle.  I put 2 staples on the side to bind them.

I bought some glittery star stickers at Office Max that I use.  Whenever students are doing what they are supposed to be doing, I pass out stickers.  I put them on their hands or on their pencil boxes.  Then they can transfer them to their books.

When they collect 10 stickers on one level, they tell me.  I count them, put a stamp on the page, and trade out their little person on our Super Improver Wall for the next color.  They get to take the old color home and share with their parents the progress they made.  They LOVE leveling up!

If you are interested in my sticker book, you can download one for free.  I made a blank page for you if you do not use my theme.  10 blank pages would work.  You could also hand write the names of your levels if you want.  I probably won't be making these in other themes just because the freebies I make are things that I am already using in my classroom.

How is the Super Improver Wall going in your room?