Sunday, December 8, 2013

Super Improver Wall - Tropical Style

It's been awhile since I've posted on this little blog of mine.  I am so so sorry!  But the good news is that WBT is going really great in my room!  The posters are up, the kids are great at Class Yes, Teach Ok, Hands and Eyes, and even Mirror (when I remember!)  I swear, this is more about training the teacher than it is about training the kids!

One big goal I had for quarter 1 was to get my kids' data binders up and going.  In the data binders, kids would keep track of their scores, but they would also make goals for themselves after looking at their graphs and seeing where they need to improve.  One of the goals was also a behavior goal.  I decided, instead of me remembering each kids' goal and giving them stickers for their Super Improver card, I would call them up at the end of each day and ask them if they made their goal.  I wrote each goal on a checklist so I could easily reference what the goal was.  If they thought they made their goal for the day, they got a sticker.  Let me tell you, kids are way harder on themselves!  And they are honest!  It's been a big motivator for improved behavior!

Here is my wall, all set up.  There are 10 levels that increase.  I used rainbow colors from red to purple and silver and gold being at the top.  Each card also has a Hawaiian sea creature on it and they increase by size, with ghost crab at the very bottom and humpback whale at the top.  The kids love this aspect of the wall!

The kids' cards are little surfer kids.  I copied them on colored paper that matches the level cards.  Everyone started off on red.  Once they get 10 stickers, they move to pink, and so on.  They love their little kid cards and get so excited when they get a new one and get to take home the sticker filled one!

 Our Super Improver Wall is directly beneath our TORCH board, which showcases our school's behavior acronym: Tenacious, Observant, Respectful, Compassionate, and Honorable.

 Here is the Super Improver Wall in color and black and white (for copying on colored paper).  Click the picture to take you to the download!

I also included a little blurb about the Super Improver Wall.  If you want to read more about it, head on over to the Whole Brain Teaching website!

How is WBT going in your room this year? 


  1. I plan on doing this as my first year teaching. I'm a kinder teacher and I'm wondering how you do it at the beginning of the year when you don't know them super well and haven't set goals. I want to give stars for following directions and acts of kindness etc. but how do you manage this at the start? Do you still call them up at the end of the day? I don't want them to stop what they're doing to color it in but I also don't want to forget. And I want them to know and understand why they got it. Thanks so much!